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Fairfax Elementary 2007-08
End of Year Awards 2008 (pics)
2008 Field Day (pics)
Mrs. Jacobs' Library Readers
Second Grade Make Human Body Books (pics)
Carnival 2008 (pics)
Mrs. Jacob's Class Field Trip (pics)
Art Show Open House-Art Show (pics)
2008 Senior Dinner (pics)
Second Grade Visits California Woods (pics)
First Grade Visits the Zoo (pics)
First Grade Rainforest Project (pics)
Build a Book (pics)
Easter Egg Hunt (pics)
Invention Convention (pics)
Schoolhouse Rock (pics)
The Dentist Visits Fairfax
Fairfax Flying Pigs Spirit Assembly (pics)
Valentine Day at Fairfax (pics)
Crossing Guards on the Job (pics)
100 Days Celebration (pics)
Fairfax Visits TP for Bluegrass Concert(pics)
Is This Really January? (pics)
Holiday Concert Video
Holiday Decorations (pics)
Fairfax Holiday Concert (pics)
2007 Lunch with Santa (pics)

Fairfax Family Dinner (pics)

Grades1 and 3 Make Door Decorations for Mercy St. Theresa (pics)
Fourth Grade Turn Gym into Bowling Alley (pics)
Fairfax Elementary Joins District Recycling Effort(info)
Mrs. Rupe 's Class Make Gingerbread Men (pics)
Veteran Visits Mrs. Tepe's Class (pics)
2007 Parent /Grandparent Day (pics)
2007 Thanksgiving Food Drive (pics)
Fairfax Halloween Parade (pics)
Halloween at Fairfax (pics)
Louise Borden Visits Fairfax (pics)
Gail Gibbons at Oakley Library (pics)
Fairfax Library (pics)
First Grade Visits Parky's Farm (more pics)
SmartBoards at Fairfax Elementary (pics)
Fairfax Pre-School (pics)
Fairfax Bookfair (pics)

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