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Mariemont Elementary 2007-08
Sixth Grade Awards 2008 (pics)
Sixth Grade Awards 2008 (pics)
ME Class of 2008
Field Day 2008 (pics)
Student/Teacher Volley Ball
The Castaways" (pics) (Promo1) (Promo2)
Carnival 2008 (pics)
Mom Appreciation (pics)
Mrs. Rief's Maypole Celebration (pics)
Kindness Retreat (pics)
Crazy Hat Day (pics)
Open House-Art Show (pics)
5th Grade Math/Science/Language Arts (pics)
Book Fair (pics)
6th Grade Olympics (pics)
Food Play (pics)
4th Graders Design a Mini-Golf Course (pics)
Mariemont Elementary 6th Grade Egg Drop (pics)
Mariemont Elementary 6th Grade Egg Drop (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Visits Zakland (pics)
Principal for the Day (pics)
Math Madness (pics)
Wednesday Walkers (pics)
After School Activities
2008 Egg Hunt
Fourth Grade Business Fair (pics)
"Rumpus in the Rain Forest" (pics)
Talent Show 2008 (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Flying Pig Spirit Assembly (pics)
Talent Show 2008 (pics)
6th Grade Bowling Party 2008 (pics)
Author Pearsall Visits (pics)
Valentine Day At Mariemont Elementary (pics)
Mrs. Melvin and Mr. Miller Present at Senco (pics)
Valentine Post Office
Academic Recognition Night (pics)
Mini School (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Shows its Spirit (pics) (Info)
100 Days Celebration (pics)
Students Bridge the Gap (Info)
The First Grade Enjoys the Symphony
Caring and Sharing (pics)
Teachers Entertain Their Students (pics)
Second Grade Sings at Public Library (pics)
Students Celebrate the Holidays (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Holiday Concerts
K-3 | 4-6

Hip-Hop Reindeer (pics)
Gr.6 Holiday Projects (pics)
K-3 Holiday Concert (pics)
4-6 Holiday Concert (pics)
Principal For a Day (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Launches Video Daily Announcements (pics)
4th Graders Display Ecology Murals (pics)
2007 Parent /Grandparent Day (pics)
Mariemont Students Send Sweet Treats to the Troops (info)
Mariemont Elementary Observes Veteran’s Day
(info) (pics)

Mariemont Halloween Parade (pics) Junior High Students Share Writing (pics)
Louise Borden Visits Mariemont (pics)
Resthaven Barn Visit (pics)
6th Grade Field Day (pics)
ME Students Visits Preservation Foundation (pics)
Book Club (more pics)
Making Masks (pics)
First Grade Visits Parky's Farm (more pics)
COSI Visits Mariemont Elementary (pics)
Second Grade Studies Weather (pics)
New Cafeteria (more pics)

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