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Mariemont High School 2008-09
Freshmen Orientation (pics)
Band Camp 2008 (pics)
Fall Sports (pics)
Welcome Back Video
Boys JV Soccer (pics)
Meet the Team 2008 (pics)
Opening Day 2008 (pics)
Girl's JV Soccer (pics)
Terrace Park Labor Day Parade 2008 (pics)
September 2008
New Band Uniforms (pics)
Juniors Write Winning Essays(info)
Cheerleaders to Perform at National Championship Game
Mariemont retains  Mayor’s Cup at Indian Hill
Opening Day 2008
Camp Kern 2008 (1) (2) (3) (4) (Website)
Juniors Learn “Impactful” Physics Lesson (pics) (info)
September 26-08
National Merit Commended Students (info)
Drumline 2008
Junior High Night (pics) Fall Play "Happy Christmas Shirley"
Art Club Paints Bricks For Cancer Research (pics)
2008 Pow Wow (pics)
Homecoming 2008(pics1) (pics2 )(Website)
News 10-13-08
Sports 10-13-08
Art Club Paint Bricks For Auction (pics)
Campaign 2008 (pics)
Mariemont  Plays at Paul Brown Stadium (pics)
Cross Country 2008 (pics)
2008 Girl's Soccer District Champs (pics)
MHS Sets Record for AP Scholars (info)
2008 Boy's Soccer District Champs (pics)
Fall Play Brings Early Holiday (info)
JV Football 2008 (pics)
Homecoming 2008 Video
Senior Night(pics)
Algebra Students Turn Secret Agent Decoders
Coach Crosby Wins 200th
News  November 2008
Sports  November 2008 Fall Play  (info)

Promo Video
Mrs. Briggs Creates Chemistry Cauldron (pics)
55 Students inducted into
(info) (pics)

Celebrate Holiday Fair 2008 (info) (website)
Biology Class Rain Garden
Mrs Banfield's Fashion

Happy Christmas Shirley!  
(pics2) (website)

Physics Class "Hole in One" Launch (pics)
Mariemont High Honors CHL
Sports Central
Fall Sports Awards (pics)
Holiday Fair 2008 (pics1)  (pics 2)
Rain Garden Reception (pics1)(pics2)
Meet The Team (Winter 2008) (pics)
Holiday Fair 2008 (pics1)  (pics 2) (Video)
2008 Holiday Concert (pics1)   (pics2)
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Jauanary News

January Sports
Swim Team 2009 (pics)
Wrestling Team (pics)
Boys' Varsity Basketball 2009 (pics)
Girls' Varsity Basketball 2009 (pics)
January News
January Sports
HS Rain Gardeners Win $10,000 EcoChallenge (info)
MHS Cheerleaders Cheer at BCS
Seniors Lead Kindness Retreats
Historic Inauguration1-20-09
Sports 2-16-09
News 2-16-09

Boy's Basketball Senior Night 2009 (pics)
Winter Concerts 2009(pics) (Chorus) (Jazz Band)

Individual Chorus: 1  2  3
Individual Band: 1  2  3  4 5
AFS 2009 (info) (pics) (video)
French Class Celebrates Mardi Gras (pics)
Physics Class Vehicle Projects 2009 (pics)
2009 Strings Extravaganza (pics) (video)

Individual Strings: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Sports 3-09
News 3-09 JETS Varsity 2009 (pics)
2009 Hoxworth Blood Drive (pics)
High School Prepares for "Sound of Music" (pics)
Junior High Joins Unifat (pics)
High School Prepares for "Sound of Music" (pics)
Winter Sports Awards
Black History Month Winning Poster (pics)
News April 09
Sports Central April 09
Meet the Team (Springs 2009) (pics)
Soft Ball 2009 (pics)
Clay Martin Shares Peace Corps Experience (pics)
2009 Latin Convention (info)
Sound of Music a Great Success
Galleries: (Rehearsal) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
UNIFAT Founder Visits Mariemont HS (pics)
Mariemont HS Percussion Wins Tri-State Championship
Lax4Autism Ursuline vs. Mariemont" (info) (pics)
Mrs. Keefe Win Pasta for Patients Contest
Prom 2009 (pics)
French Class Goes to the Taft Museum (pics)
Band Visits New York City (pics)
High School Baseball (pics)
Spring Fling 2009 (pics)
Night of the Arts 2009 (pics)
JV LAX 2009 (pics)
News Update 5-18-09
Sports Central 5-18-08
Day of Recognition 2009
2009 Varsity Baseball Seniors (pics)
Night of the Arts 2009 (pics1)  (pics2)
Fairfax Seniors
Mariemont Elementary Seniors
Terrace Park Seniors
Graduation 2009 (rehearsal)  (Baccalaureate)  (pics1) (pics2)
HS Band Marches In Memorial Day Parades (pics)
Mariemont Varsity Track 2009 (pics)
Scholarship Winners 2009 (info)

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