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Mariemont Elementary 2008-09
Welcome Back
Mariemont Elementary Welcomes New Families
Opening Day 2008 (pics)
Opening Day 2008
General Returns Home to Mariemont Elementary (info) (pics)
Camp Kern 2008 (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (Website)
Mariemont Students Celebrate Summer Reading and Feeding
Mrs. Robb's Class Investigates "Who Discovered America?"
Football Fever (pics)
Third Grade Create Self Portraits (pics)

Forces and Motion Science Assembly (pics)
First Grade Celebrates Johnny Appleseed
Fundraiser 2008 (info)
6th Grade Field Day 2008 (pics)
6th Graders Design Hurricane Houses (pics)
2nd Grade Discover Indian History in Mariemont (pics)

Halloween 2008 (pics1) (pics2)
Author Douglas Florian Vists ME (pics)
Lost and Found 2008 (movie)
Strings Class Practices for Holiday Concert (pics)
Symphony Visits Mariemont Elementary
Veterans's Day 2008 (pics)      (movie)
Grandparent Day 2008 (pics)
Strings Class Practices for Holiday Concert (pics)
ME Holiday Concerts 2008
(K-3) (4-6)

Videos: (K-3) (4-6)
Sky Dome (pics)
Mummies (pics)
Picture Perfect Science (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Caring and Sharing (pics) (info)
2008 Math Project Day for Mr. B. Pooch Pack (pics)
Teachers Entertain Students at Mariemont Elementary (pics) (video)
4-6 Holiday Concerts (pics)
First Graders Share Enrichment
Rick Sowash Heroes of Ohio
5th Gr Kindness Retreat
Rick Sowash Heroes of Ohio
Ropin Rockets (pics)
Shelley Pearsall Gives Writing Workshop (pics)
6th Grade PIE Awards at Mariemont Elementary (info)
Mrs. Bevis Biography "JugHeads"
Celebrating Valentine's Day (pics)
Mrs. Smith's Hog Heaven Book Celebration (pics)
Mrs. Short's Valentine Post Office (pics)
Mariemont Elementary Talent Show 2009 (pics)
National Geographic "Giant Map" (pics)
Author Amy McDuffie Visits (pics)
6th Grade Bowling Fest 2009 (pics)
Mrs. Petru Teaches 4th Grade Pancake Science (pics)
Playhouse's Dragon King Puppet Show (pics)
ME Students Go Green
Animal Combos (pics)
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (pics)
Grade 1 Marge Madness
Dr. Counts Literary Game Day (pics)
Mrs. Melvin's Spring Snow Scientists (pics)
Mrs. Short's Class Celebrates Earth Day (pics)
It’s Carnival Time (info)
Mrs. Short's Class Celebrates Earth Day (pics)
6th Grade Samples Food of Ancient Greece (pics)
Dance Commotion (pics)
Mr. Miller's Budding Physicians (pics)
Military Escort Speaker (pics)
5-6 Spring Concert 2009 (pics)
Open House 2009 (pics)
Art Classes Make Historical Quilt (pics)
5-6 Spring Concert 2009 (pics1)   (pics2)
6th Grade Play 2009 "American Idle" (pics1) (pics2)
Art Davies Field Day 2009 (pics)
Carnival 2009 (pics)
Accelerated Math Roller Coasters (pics)
    Last Day of School 2009    

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