Abby Mathis-lines
Alex Utt-focal point
Alex Utt-rule of thirds
Alexis Swisher-rule of thirds
Ali Lynch-focal point
Ali Lynch-rule of thirds
Allie Howe-focal point
Ariel Harvat-rule of thirds
Ashley Dockery-rule of thirds
Audrey Venderbush- rule of thirds
Caty Jevic-rule of thirds
Chelsea Hendricks-lines
Chelsea Hendricks-rule of thirds
Cira Bryant-lines
Cole Stewart-lines
Cole Stewart-rule of thirds
Danee Scott-rule of thirds
David Goldenberg-focal point
Emma griffith-rule of thirds
Hans Hinbaugh-focal point
Jack Stehling-lines
Jade Weber-focal point
Jade Weber-lines
James Tecco-lines
John Peck-lines
Leigh Fisher-rule of thirds
Mackenzie S affin-rule of thirds
Mackenzie Saffin-focal point
Macko Saffin-Rule of thirds
Megan Cash-focal point
Michael Weston-focal point
Michael Weston-lines
Michael Weston-rule of thirds
Nate Wagner-rule of thirds
Olivia Erhardt-focal point
Olivia Erhardt-rule of thirds
Olivia erhardt-Lines
Rachael Colaw-lines
Samantha Goheen-rule of thirds
Sami Ricketts-focal point
Sami Vearil-focal point
Sami Vearil-rule of thirds
Sander Henning-lines
Sarah Blatt-Herold-focal point
Summer Crouch-lines
Taylor Giordullo-rule of thirds
Taylor henderson-lines
Zach Vannatter-rule of thrids