Photo Galleries 2006-07
AFS 2007 Arbor Day 2007 Baccalaureat 2007  BOE Recognition 2007 6th Grade Bowling 2007
Camp of Champions  Grade 6 Forensics  HS Students Learn CPR  Band Visits Disney Fairfax Guest Readers 
Drumline 2007  Egg Drop  Egg Drop 2007  Elem Spring Concert  Fairfax Winter 2007 
Fairfax Spring 2007  Fairfax Art Gallery  Fairfax Halloween  Fairfax January 2007  6th Grade Field Day 
TP Flying Piglet  JH Visits Freedom Center  Fairfax Carnival 2007  Fairfax Field Day 07  Gator Bowl Trip 
Open House Dr. Harris  Graduation (Gym)  Graduation2007 Outside  Graduation 2007 Inside  Holiday Fair 2006 
Homecoming 2006  Homecoming 2006(2)  Holiday Concert 2006  Spring Fling 2007  HS Track 2007 
JH Winter Concert 2007  JH Court Yard  JH Spring Fling  JH Tennis  JH Track Meet 
Camp Kern 2006 (1)  Camp Kern 2006 (2)  John Matarese Visits  LAX State Champ  ME Egg Hunt 
Drumline 2007  Fairfax Pentathlon  Guys and Dolls  JH Open House  ME Mini-School 
MHS Softball 2007  MJH Night Out  MJH Sculptors of History  TP 6th Constitution  TP Storm Reports 
TP Story Celebration  ME Carnival 2007  ME 6th Grade Play  ME Art  Show 2007  ME Business Fair 2007 
ME Field Day 2007  ME Mad Science  ME Mom's Tea  ME Principal for a Day  ME PTO Cleanup 
ME Rollercoasters  ME Shelly Pearsall  ME Square Dance  ME Talent Show 2007  MHS Baseball 2007 
HS Fashion Design 07  HS Day of Recognition  HS Learns Self Defense  HS Winter Concert  HS Winter Sports 
TP Mini Schoo JH 7th Grade Science  JH Lunch  JH Night of Arts  HS Night of the Arts 1 
HS Night of the Arts 2 HS Night of the Arts 3  No Bark Just Books  Prom 2007  Robin Hood JH Play 1 
Robin Hood JH Play 2   JH Sculptors of History 07  HS Smartboards  JH Smartboards  Strings in NYC 
ME Technology  TP 6th Grade Tree  TP Bunnie Brunch  TP Circus 2007  TP Earth Day 2007 
TP Football Readers  TP Field Day 2007  TP Geysers  TP Grade 6 Play 2007  TP Puppet Show 
TP Rollercoasters  TP Talent Show 2007  Wacky Wednesday  Winter 2007   

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