Project Directions

Project Framework

For the convenience of the teacher, the following framework can be saved to a WORD document and utilized in designing a Scope and Sequence Project. The following links are vital ingredients of a properly designed research project. It is important that the teacher work with the project support person in the preparing to post a Scope and Sequence Project to the Web Site.


Describe the project in such as way that the reader will get an overview of the project as well as understand the student learning that will take place.


List the guidelines for the project including such items as required elements, procedures, expectancies, and the timeline for completing the various components. Is a particular research process (such as the Big6 Skills process overview) due by a certain date? Evaluation of web sites? Abstracts? An Interview? An outline? PowerPoint? Rough draft? Works Cited page? What is the due date of the final paper, presentation, etc.? Plan dates with the library staff person.


Clearly describe the required format(s) that the student will utilize in finalizing the project. Will s/he be introduced to a new process or procedure for the first time? If so, perhaps it should be noted in one of the skills sections. Will specific skills be reinforced? Perhaps the student will be writing a paragraph or essay for the first time. This is the place to briefly describe the format (may need to consult to determine whether this is a new format that will fit into the overall curriculum design for the District). Links to appropriate web sites might properly enhance this section.


Skills will be determined through examination of the Writing, Information Literacy and Technology Skills Drafts, K-12 and in consultation with the Project Support person for the appropriate grade level. Since the introduction of a skill assumes that from that point on in the curriculum the skill will be reinforced, it is important that there be agreement among all parties involved. The structure of newly introduced skills must be reached through consensus. The structure of previously introduced skills must be strictly followed from date of inception.


The use of rubrics is encouraged, whether they are designed for grading or self-assessment. Assessment will become an essential ingredient of projects as the Scope and Sequence develops over time.


Teacher resources support the training of the teachers and are often the backbone of the projects. The Project Support person is available for help in identifying resources of this nature.


Student resources support the research activities of the students. In some cases students will be asked to identify and evaluate resources on their own, whereas in many cases the teacher will select the resources s/he wishes the students to employ. The library staff person and the Project Support person stand ready to assist and/or identify student resources as aides to the teachers. One important factor to keep in mind is the selection of the proper resources for a particular project. Resources are often introduced and/or reinforced as part of the research process.


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