Sculptors of History


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Sculptors of History Project

Project will be introduced during 5th Bell of Exam week.  You can view the entire Instructional video here.

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Name Selection in Gym

You will choose a category and a Sculptor of History will be given to you by your mentor.  This will also be your new Homeroom teacher throughout the project.


Your typed Outline is for your biographical sketch, which is a short overview of the person's life and should concentrate on the events in the person's life that made them a Sculptor of History.  For example, Roman Numerals should be like topic sentences for paragraphs on the given topic.  At least 6-8 supporting details for each Roman Numeral in order to get the highest grade.  Remember - for every A, there must be a B. . . for every 1, there must be a 2.  Refer to the PINK pages in your folder for a sample.  

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Six Word Memoirs

Write a 6 word memoir for your sculptor of history.  These should be turned into LA teachers on a slip of paper measuring 8 1/2 x 3 inches, with your name, your sculptor's name, and a photograph of the person. 

You will be sharing these in video form similar to those found on this website.  Be as creative with this as you can!  Your mentor group will be scheduled to videotape these during art class throughout the following week.  Refer to the YELLOW page in your folder for samples, as well as the following video.

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10 Questions

Your presentation on Fair Day will be a 5 minute question and answer period following your 2 minute biographical sketch.  We've taken care of your first FIVE questions for you (see the GREEN pages in your folder).

Question 1:  What is the most important thing you ever did, and why do you think this is so important?

This is the only question the judges will definitely ask, and your answer should not exceed a minute and a half. 

Question 2:  Tell about a significant turning point in your life and give two ways you were influenced by this turning point. 

Question 3:  If you had to speak to students at a junior high assembly, what advice would you give them? 

This answer should take 30-60 seconds. 

Question 4:  If you were able to meet one famous person who is alive today, would it be and why?

Question 5:  You chose your six word memoir to be ______________________.     Explain why you chose these words.


You will then create an Evaluation question as described in Bloom's Taxonomy.  Be sure to write "Evaluation" in front of this question.

Next will be to create a Synthesis question as described by Bloom's Taxonomy.  Be sure to write "Synthesis" in front of this question.

Then you will create an Analysis question as described by Bloom's Taxonomy.  Be sure to write "Analysis" in front of this question.  

You will then create 2 more questions to give you a total of 10.  These should concentrate on the main accomplishments in your Sculptor's life.  The questions should be done in 2nd person, as if someone were asking you the questions. 

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10 Answers

The answers to your 10 questions should be well thought out and complete.  They should be done in 1st person, because you are acting out the person.  The answers should be approximately 7-10 sentences in length.  As a guideline to help you plan, one typed page, size 12 font, takes about 2 minutes to do. 

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Works Consulted

In MLA format, your Works Consulted must include at least one book source, and to receive the best grade, you need 3 or more sources.  These sources are for your biographical sketch and your 10 questions. 

Visual Display

The purpose for having a visual display is to give a visual representation of something(s) important that your Sculptor did.  Some examples may include, but are not limited to: 

1.   A poster

2.   Handmade scrapbook

3.   Handmade book

4.   Baseball card poster

5.   Scroll

6.   Handmade map

7.   Handmade model of an invention

8.   Handmade blueprint

9.   A painting that you do in the style of the artist.

The judges will be looking for evidence of effort, evidence of thought put into the display, and references to the display during your presentation. 

The display should be a representation of the life and accomplishments of your Sculptor!