David Allen Agee

"We looked out across the jungle which was dead black and we had those star scopes and looked, and you could see more people than you could imagine, just coming at you..."


Video Interview

Name:  David Allen Agee
Date of Birth:  7/23/46
Branch of Service:  Air Force 
Dates of Service:  May 1966 to May 1972
Location of Military Service:  Vietnam
     Mr. Agee enlisted in the Air Force while a student at Dayton University and was sent to basic training at Lackland Air Force Base.  He had had 2 years of ROTC so was put in the PAT program awaiting transfer.  He was ordered to Lockborn AFB at Columbus, Ohio.  There he was assigned as a survival specialist and Tech Librarian.  He went into a unit with 37 people and was sent to Vietnam at Bien Hoa.  His duties there were much the same as in the states.  After the Tet Offensive, he was put in charge of a squad that went out into the perimeter to guard.  As he said, "I was handed a rifle, given a few men who never saw a rifle...and in the middle of the night, dropped off in the pitch dark.  Within a couple of hours we were in the midst of a serious rocket attack and a human wave offensive.  It was the last bit of sanity I experienced, as well as sleep and regular food for about three weeks."

David Agee in PATS (Personnel Awaiting Transfer)
at Lackland, Texas.

David Agee in his "hooch" in Vietnam

David Agee outside the "hooch"

Mr. Agee outside the building where he worked
in Vietnam.  The locker in back is actually a door to a secret room.

Bomdy-bom stands.  The name stands for "33", the name of their beer.

Mr. Agee with a young South Vietnamese

Mr. Agee's jeep at the base in Vietnam

Vietnamese family living between the bomdy-bom