Arthur R. Arend

"To have seen the pile of bodies at Dachau and realize how horrible the Nazi hierarchy and permit that type of person to exist is absolutely criminal."


Video Interview

Name:  Arthur R. Arend
Date of Birth:  6/11/11
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  September, 1929 to September, 1979
Location of Military Service:  Europe

Mr. Arend had a long and distinguished service record in the Army.  He was in the 131st  90MM  AA Gun Battalion.  He enlisted in the service and did his basic training in Chicago.  He achieved the rank of Major by the time he was shipped overseas.  He landed at Omaha Beach.  From there, he moved on to Belgium.  After one month, he went to Luxemburg and then to Holland.  His duty was to defend certain positions, especially bridges.  He was also responsible for taking care of the European refugees who were trying to return to their homes.  His command fed and housed 6,000 of them.  He was present at the liberation of Dachau at the end of the war.  He achieved the rank of Colonel and received a Purple Heart Medal, European Theater Medal, Victory Medal, and a Bronze Star.

Tractor pulling 90 mm gun

Battalion parade Mr. Arend is saluting the troops

Shore landing at Omaha Beach

German gun emplacement

American headquarters in Belgium

90 mm gun in trench  Mr. Arend used bulldozer to dig this

Mr Arend and Jack Hunter in front of what was used as a bath house by GI's

Arthur Arend in his jeep

German V1 rocket

Hitler's Eagles Nest at Berchtesgaden