Robert A. Becker

"When we were drafted, nobody said anything about 'length of service'.  Your length of service was when the war was over".


Video Interview

Robert A. Becker
Date of Birth:  3/14/25
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  July 1943 to October 1945
Location of Military Service:  Europe

Mr. Becker was an engineering student and in R.O.T.C. at the University of Cincinnati when he was drafted into the Army.  He was sent to Ft. Thomas and then to Ft. Benning for his training.  From there, he was returned to the University of Cincinnati for further engineering training.  His next assignment was to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky for artillery training.  He was made a radio man in the communications sector.  He was shipped overseas and landed at Marseilles, France.  From there, by rail, he traveled along the Rhone River to the Voges Mountains.  For a while, he was a forward observer.  He achieved the rank of Private 1st Class.