Bernard S. Berg

"We were hiking in France...and they were shooting...and we think it was friendly fire, and two of our men were killed."


Video Interview

Name:  Bernard S. Berg
Date of Birth:  3/15/22
Branch of Service: 
Air Force
Dates of Service:  January 1943 to October 1945
Location of Military Service:  Europe
     Mr. Berg served in the Army Air Corps in Europe.  He was assigned to a medical unit where he did clerical work.  He was sent to England.  On the way there, the ship broke down and they were returned to New York.  It broke down on the second trip overseas and they had to wait alone without escort while the ship was repaired.  Mr. berg was wounded by a sniper while at Notre Dame Cathedral to see Charles DeGaulle.  He spent three months in the hospital and then went to Belgium to re-join his unit.  From there, he was sent to Germany.

Mr. Berg after he came out of the hospital.
He had been wounded in his left eye.

Bernard Berg and Herman Feinstein in a foxhole.

A picture of Adolf Hitler that Mr. Berg found in an airplane hangar in Germany.  The dots are from the soldiers hitting it with rocks.

History of Mr. Berg's outfit.