Stanley Brown

"We were sent in to get these prisoners of war who had been in Formosa ... some of these guys were really sick..."

Stanley Brown
Date of Birth:  7/28/26
Branch of Service:  Navy
Dates of Service:  July, 1944 to June, 1946
Location of Military Service:  South Pacific


Mr. Brown enlisted in the service and was sent for basic training to Geneva, New York.  He went for his service training in Fort Lauderdale and then went to Cardiff, Wales.  His ship, the USS Brister DE 327, then escorted convoys and acted as anti-submarine escorts.  He was then sent to the South Pacific and the ship was changed over to anti-aircraft duty for light carriers. One of the duties of the men on his ship was to transport POWs from Formosa from land to the aircraft carriers.  Many of them were half-starved and very ill from their stay in the POW Camp.  He achieved the rank of Firecontrolman 3rd class.



USS Brister DE 327

Ship's Easter Menu

Piece of fabric from Hong Kong.  Sailors would sew these swatches inside their sleeves.

Letter from POWs taken onto one of the ships


Cruise data from the USS Brister