Edward E. Burkett

"I think it was just patriotism.  I wanted to get in and fight."

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Name:  Edward E. Burkett
Date of Birth:  11/20/23
Branch of Service:  U.S. Army
Dates of Service:  January 1943 to December 1945
Location of Military Service:  Pacific

Mr. Burkett went to basic training at Fort Bliss, Texas and then to Camp Polk, Louisiana.  He was sent overseas on a converted luxury liner to Sydney, Australia and then to Townsville, Australia where they were in training for landings in New Guinea.  At New Guinea, he was assigned to a gun crew.  They worked under adverse conditions there in swampy areas with crocodiles and other wildlife.  He was almost hit by a shell while on a very high observation tower in the East Indies.  From the East Indies his unit went to the Philippines where they were being readied for a landing in southern Japan when the Atom Bomb was dropped and the war ended.  Mr. Burkett contracted malaria while in the war.  He achieved the rank of Tech Sergeant.  He received a Marksman Medal, Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 2 Arrow Heads, Philippine Liberation Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal.

Ed Burkett and George Sisson

A quad 50--50 caliber machine gun

Camp site at Del Monte, Mindaneo

Typical way the soldiers traveled on an LST. The tarps are for protection from the elements
V mail letter

A tower is built with the top high above the tree.  It was used for observation and relay radio.

Ed Burkett and friends in the Philippines

39 millimeter projectile

Edward Burkett's original duffel bag

Edward Burkett's boots and mess kit from his time in
 the service.

Photo display of Edward Burkett's medals

50 Caliber and 45 caliber shells

A knife made by a Muslim in the Philippines.

Self-sharpening army-issue knife

Army manuals