Frank W. Buschmeier

"We became known as the 'Bloody Hundred' because of our big losses..."

Frank W. Buschmeier
Date of Birth:  2/28/23
Branch of Service:  Army Air Corps
Dates of Service:  January, 1943 to October, 1945
Location of Military Service:  England

Mr. Buschmeier served as a Staff Sergeant during World War II.  He went to St. Petersburg, Florida for his basic training and then to Lowry Field in Buckley, Colorado for bomb training.  From there he went to gunnery school in Las Vegas, Nevada where he had the highest score of any gunner who had gone through there.  He ended up at Thorpe Abbotts base in England.  He was with the 100th Bomb Group, which became known as the "Bloody 100" because of their heavy casualties.  He flew in a B17 plane and was shot down on his 34th mission.  It was during the Merseburg Mission over Germany and he was captured by ground forces and taken to a German hospital.  From there he went to a prison camp.