David Loyle Dobbs

"I learned how precious life is and how fragile it can be...That people are very valuable commodities and we should take care of them".


Video Interview

Name:  David Loyle Dobbs
Date of Birth:  6/28/23
Branch of Service:  Army Medical Department
Dates of Service:  March, 1943 to March, 1946
Location of Military Service:  United States, England, France

Mr. Dobbs served during World War II with the 160th General Hospital.  He enlisted in the Reserve Corps at the University of Minnesota.  He was sent for basic training at Camp Grant in Indiana.  After that, he went to train as a medical laboratory technician.  He was assigned to the 340th Station Hospital at Camp Ellis, Illinois.  From there he went to the 160th General Hospital and did parallel training.  He was shipped overseas on the Queen Elizabeth.  Twenty thousand troops were crammed into the ship.  They docked in Scotland and went by train to England.  His unit arrived there a month or so before D-Day.  Chest surgery was done at the hospital and this was the start of of open heart surgery.