David S. Ecker
"Paris, France didn't mean anything to me...it was just a name; but when I saw it the first time, all the grandeur was just incredible".

Name: David S. Ecker
Date of Birth: 7/6/24
Branch of Service: OSS
Dates of Service: April 1943 to December 1945
Location of Military Service: England and France

Mr. Ecker was drafted into the U. S. Army in 1943.  He was sent to Camp Barkley in Texas for basic training as a medic.  There he learned emergency medical treatment. The officer program at Syracuse University was disbanded during that time and he was then sent overseas.  While waiting to be assigned, he was approached by an officer to work for the OSS.  No one knew what the OSS was at the time.  He was assigned to a motor pool and chauffered  officers around London.  There were no street signs so it was very difficult to get around and find the places that he was supposed to find.  From there, he went to Paris.  He did the same job there acting as a driver for the officers and distributing food.  He was then selected to work for the X2 and did background checks on potential spies and infiltrators.  He did that for 6 to 7 months.  He next went into training at Chester, England to blow up hydroelectric plants but the war ended before that could be carried out.  He was again sent to Paris where he was again in the motor pool.  He was able to see the parade of American forces there.