Lloyd S. Fisher

"We went into Pearl Harbor and you could still see all the ships that were sunk with the masts up..."




Video Interview

Name:  Lloyd S. Fisher
Date of Birth:  11/26/24
Branch of Service:  Navy
Dates of Service:  March 1943 to May 1946
Location of Military Service:  Atlantic and Pacific

Mr. Fisher was drafted into the Navy as a watertender on a destroyer ship, the USS Bull, that escorted convoys across the Atlantic Ocean..  He did his basic training in the Great Lakes.  He  made 6 trips back and forth between Ireland and the states.  He later served in the Pacific on an Attack Personnel Destroyer ship that carried frogmen to sites in the Pacific.  Mr. Fisher achieved the rank of Watertender 3rd Class.  He was awarded 3 Battle Stars.  Among the battles that he was involved in was the battle at Iwo Jima where he saw the flag being raised.