Uell Flagg

"We were in Panama going through the canal when they dropped the atomic bomb."


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Name:  Uell Flagg
Date of Birth:  11/28/24
Branch of Service:  Army and Air Force
Dates of Service:  March 1943 to December 1045 and July 1951 to March 1958
Location of Military Service:  Stateside, Atlantic, Pacific, and Korea

Mr. Flagg volunteered for the U.S. Army in 1943.  He was sent to Fort Thomas, Kentucky for basic training.  From there he was sent to Camp Lockett, California and assigned to C Troop, 28th (Horse) Cavalry.  Their job was to guard the Mexican border.  In March, 1944, from Newport News, Virginia, he boarded the "William Billy Mitchell", a troop ship and was sent overseas.  The ship arrived in North Africa.  He was then sent to Oraun, Algiers.  Here a riot broke out between the black and white soldiers.  He remembers that the white soldiers shot their guns into camp.  Some of the men received a court martial for their part in the riot.  In preparation for the invasion of southern France, Mr. Flagg was sent to the French Riviera.  From there, he went to Naples, Italy.    In Italy, the ship picked up prisoners and took them back to Africa.  In July, 1945, he left for the Philippines.  He was in Panama when the atom bomb was dropped.  The ship sailed to New Guinea to refuel.  He arrived in the Philippines September of 1945.  It took more than 6 weeks to cross the ocean.  Mr. Uell had a job of pressing uniforms.  Enlisted men paid nothing for this, but officers paid 15 cents.  He was discharged in 1945.  In July 1951, Mr. Flagg enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.  He was sent to Mobile, Alabama for training.  Race relations were very bad here.  He was not permitted to use the water fountain at the base station that the whites used.  He was trained to work on helicopters, props, and fixed wing aircraft.  He was sent to Pussan, Korea in 1953.  Mr. Flagg received 3 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal, and the American Theater Ribbon.

Uell Flagg 28th (Horse) Cavalry

Uell Flagg June 1943


Tate, Greene Jr., Burden, Flagg, Wesley, Denson, and Snow

Uell Flagg, Edward Stevens, John Culpepper, and Arthur Bonner  Korea 1953


Flagg and Norman  Korea 1952-1953