G. Richard Hagee

"One of the things I can recall was the terrible bombardment...the air and the artillery and so on going into the Siegfried Line...That just sent shivers through me."


Video Interview

Name:  G. Richard Hagee
Date of Birth:  7/10/25
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  November 1943 to February 1946
Location of Military Service:  Europe
     Dr. Hagee enlisted in the Army and was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia for his basic training.  Instead of entering the AST, which was terminated, he was placed into an infantry division for preparation to go overseas.  He was assigned to the 86th Division, a 16 mm mortar division.  He was sent overseas in September of 1944 on the Mauritania and landed in Liverpool, England.  He was relocated to the Timberwolf Division, the 104th Division, in Aachen, Germany.  He fought bravely on the Siegfried Line.  Dr. Hagee received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  He got the Purple Heart during a spring offensive after the Battle of the Bulge.  He went out into the open to pull a wounded man into a nearby house and was wounded in his back.

Mortar squad:  Kneeling:  Dick Hagee, Chuck Angel
Standing:  Sy Black, Bob Johnson, Al Thorpe

G. Richard Hagee in front of Notre Dame 1945