Ralph W. Heffner

"Living conditions [Korea] were poor, they were bad.  In the little villages, I don't think any of the homes had any sanitary systems at all.  People worked hard to make a living."


Video Interview

Name:  Ralph W. Heffner
Date of Birth:  6/11/33
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  May 1953 to May 1955
Location of Military Service:  Korea

Mr. Heffner served in Korea in the 5th Regiment Combat Team in the Army.  He was sent to Camp Buckenridge, Kentucky for basic training.  Then he went to Fort Lewis, Washington to await shipment overseas.  He went on a troop ship to Alaska and then to Sasebo, Japan.  He worked a couple of months in the post office there and got assigned to drive a truck there until he was rotated back to the States.  He was in a 2 week school for biological and chemical warfare.  Mr. Heffner achieved the rank of Corporal.  He received the National Defense Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, and the Korean Service Medal.