Richard E. Kaeser

"We tried every street in Seoul and we couldn't get out...I had no choice.  I pulled out my Smith & Wesson...and I shot the first man."


Video Interview

Richard E. Kaeser
Date of Birth:  9/2/28
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  1949 to September 1953
Location of Military Service:  Korea
Mr. Kaeser joined the Ohio National Guard 134th Artillery Division, battery C.  He worked with 105 Howitzers.  When the Korean War started, the division was federalized.  he was sent to a special school at Fort Riley, Kansas for military law.  Then he went to  Camp Polk, Louisiana.  From there, he went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Fort Sill was where he had radio and artillery training and then he went to school for a CBR class (chemical, biological, etc.)  He was sent overseas to Korea as a forward observer for the 54th Field Artillery Battalion in the 3rd Infantry Division.  He got frostbite from the extreme cold there.  He was wounded as they were changing positions and he was out to pinpoint the position.  A piece of shrapnel hit him in the neck.  He achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant and received the Korean Service Medal with 3 Battle Stars.

38th Parallel

Bridge at Han River

Richard Kaeser in Korea

Richard Kaeser in front of typical bunker in Korea

Ammunition Depot at Kimpo being

Rail bridge across Han river is demolished

Soldier recovering an airdropped
can of gasoline

Mothers pushing cartload of children as they leave Seoul

Infantrymen patrolling in rugged terrain
near the Han River

B-26 Invader over target in North Korea

Napalm bomb attack on an enemy Industrial