William T. Magee

"It wasn't an achievement, it was a job to be done...None of our crew ever went on sick leave to get out of a mission.  They were all great guys, every one of them."


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Name:  William T. Magee
Date of Birth:  10/19/19
Branch of Service:  Air Force
Dates of Service:  April 1943 to November 1945
Location of Military Service:  Europe

Mr. Magee was in the 15 Air Force, 465 Bomber Group, 782 Bomber Squadron.  He was drafted after the war started.  He had tried to enlist in the Marine Corps, the Seabees, and the Navy and was refused because of high blood pressure.  He went to Miami Beach for basic training, then he applied to OCS and Air force Officers' Training.  He was selected by the Air Force and sent to Amherst, Massachusetts in cadet training.  From there he went to Nashville, Tennessee for classification.  After passing the testing period, he went to Santa Ana in a cadet group.  There he had schooling and drilling before being sent to Victorville, California for bombardier school.  There he learned to use the Norden Bombs bombsight.  He trained in AT11's.  He trained in B24's at Tucson, Arizona.  He went to North Africa and then to Italy.  Their targets were mainly synthetic oil refineries.  The first plane he was in was nicknamed "No Love, No Nothin".  This plane was eventually lost  when they were shot down while on a mission to Blechammer in Poland.  Yugoslav partisans hid him from the Germans.  He was listed as missing in action during this time.  The partisans, in great danger to themselves, took him from one town to another until he eventually got back to Italy.  He brought  the pop chute from his parachute back to the States and his sister-in-law made a baptismal gown out of it in which all 8 of his children and 22 grandchildren were baptized.  He also, on another mission, flew a plane to safety, though he was not a pilot.  He received credit for 32 missions and achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant.  He received 2 Presidential Unit Citations for doing an outstanding job on two bombing missions, a Distinguished Flying Cross for flying a plane to safety, 3 Air Medals, and 3 Battle Stars.

Graduation Ft. Victorville

Mr. Magee at Ft. Victorville Bombardier
School, December 1943 Class 44-7

F. Lynaugh, W.T. Magee, R. Minor

Appointment to Sergeant

Dinner menu - Graduation at Victorville

Mr. Magee and his bride, Sue

The Crew

 C. I. Eatman - Pilot                        C. Haynes - Co-Pilot

     T. Magee - Bombardier           B. Evans - Navigator

 J. Powell                 E. Hahn                        J. Dearmond
 Radio Operator     Top Turret Gunner       Nose Gunner

 L. Pakes               H. Wamser                A. Jay
 Engineer               Ball Gunner              Tail Gunner