Albert A. Nelson

"...There was just no question in my mind that I'm doing what is required; what the older boys had done 5 and 10 years earlier, it was now my turn."

Albert A. Nelson
Date of Birth:  11/18/28
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  April, 1951 to January, 1954
Location of Military Service:  United States

Mr. Nelson served during the Korean War in the 3rd Armored Division in the United States Army.  He trained at Fort Jackson in basic infantry.  He applied to and was accepted into the OCS and was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas.  He left there as a 2nd Lieutenant.  He was then assigned to Fort Lee, Virginia in the Quartermaster CorpsHe was there to train as a Quartermaster Supply Officer.  He was dispatched to Ft. Knox, Kentucky in the commissary as an Assistant Commissary Officer.   He achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant.