Francis Obradovich

"...We were out in the jungle.  We could hear the monkeys at night cruising through the trees."

Francis S. Obradovich
Date of Birth:  5/3/20
Branch of Service:  Army
Dates of Service:  June, 1942 to July, 1967
Location of Military Service:  CBI Theater, Chosin Dam, Vietnam

Mr. Obradovich served in the Corps of Engineers in the CBI (China Burma India) Theater during World War II. His service began when he was a private in the 76th Infantry Division in 1942.  He attended Engineer Officer Candidate School where he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers.  After some months of duty at Fort Belvoir,  he was assigned to the 45th Engineer Regiment to work on the Ledo Road in Burma.  He developed a reaction to the Atabrine that he was taking to suppress malaria and was then sent to the 73rd Evacuation Hospital and then to the 20th General Hospital.  He met his wife, Elaine, an army nurse, there.    After World War II, he stayed in the service and also participated in the war in Korea and in the Vietnam War.  In the Korean War, he was at Iwon and was responsible for moving equipment inland.  He served in an advisory capacity in Vietnam.  During his time in the service, Mr. Obradovich traveled widely in the United States and in places like the Canadian Arctic, Korea, Iran, and Vietnam.  After more than 25 years of service, Mr. Obradovich retired in 1967 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.