Ted W. Shannon

"Our whole family was in the Navy so I figured I had to go in the Navy also."


Video Interview

Name:  Ted W. Shannon Jr.
Date of Birth:  8/8/33
Branch of Service:  Navy
Dates of Service:  December 1953 to December 1955
Location of Military Service:  Stateside

Mr. Shannon served in the United States Navy during the Korean War.  he was in the reserves prior to being drafted.  He had just gotten out of school.  He was an aviation storekeeper and served in San Diego, California in an anti-submarine squadron.  He was responsible for making sure that there were parts for everything.  One of the aircraft was the "Pogo Stick" which went straight up and then horizontal.  It was a forerunner of the space shuttle.  The thought behind it was to use it on aircraft carriers, but the thrust was too much.  Mr. Shannon achieved the rank of AKAN and received the National Defense Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and a Letter of Commendation.