Julius P. Sicker

"My feeling was, what am I doing, an eighteen-year-old...what am I doing in this war?"

Video Interview

Name:  Julius P. Sicker
Date of Birth:  May 8, 1925
Branch of Service:  Army Air Corps
Dates of Service:  August 1943 to October 1945
Location of Military Service:  Europe

Mr. Sicker was drafted and after a battery of tests, assigned to the the Army Air Corps.  He was sent to Amarillo, Texas for basic training.  He went through a series of tests and was assigned to gunnery school at Las Vegas, Nevada.  From there he went to Florida where he was assigned to a flight crew.  He went overseas to England and flew in a B17 bomber.  Later, he was put with another crew and flew in a B26.  He flew 29 missions over France and Germany.  He achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant in the regular army and 2nd Lieutenant in the reserves.  He was awarded the 4 Bronze Stars, Air Medal with 4 Clusters, and a Distinguished Unit Citation.