Margaret Tennenbaum (Linster)

"Every day we got on our bicycles and went to visit the wounded."


Video Interview

Name:  Margaret Tennenbaum
Date of Birth:  9/23/17
Branch of Service:  WAAC and WAC
Dates of Service:  December 1942 to November 1945
Location of Military Service:  England and France

Mrs. Tennenbaum enlisted in the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps or the WAAC. She went for her basic training at  Daytona Beach.  She spoke German so was assigned to processing German prisoners.  Part of her job was fingerprinting and sorting identification.  Once she became a WAC, she was sent to Fort Oglethorpe for overseas training and then shipped overseas to England.  She was assigned to the First Base Post Office.  From England, she was sent just outside of Paris, France in the same capacity.

Processing for Overseas

Docking in Scotland

Overseas Training

Margaret Linster and Norma Egan at a cafe in Paris

Postal Directories in European Theater

Doris Hopkins, Unknown, Edith LLoyd, Prada, Unknown, and Margaret Linster

Le Havre accommodation while waiting to go home