Frank L. Tingley

"The hard thing to convey to anyone is the sound and smell of combat, of battle.  The odors, I guess, consist of gunpowder, of human blood, various other things...and then the noise was something else.


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Name:  Frank L. Tingley
Date of Birth:  3/29/22
Branch of Service:  Marine Corps
Dates of Service:  April 1942 to September 1945
Location of Military Service:  Pacific Theater

Mr. Tingley was in the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division during World War II in the Pacific Theater of Operations.  He enlisted and was sent to Paris Island for basic training and then to Quantico, Virginia for training as a field radio operator.  From there he was sent to San Francisco to await his being shipped overseas.  At Alameda, California, he boarded a Liberty Ship for the Pacific.  The first stop was New Caledonia where he was transferred to the "West Point" and sent to Brisbane to pick up men from the fighting on Guadalcanal.  They went to Melbourne to regroup replacements.  His first taste of combat was at New Britain.   The next campaign was at Peleliu.  This was a strongly opposed landing and many Marines lost their lives here. He got cut off from the rest of the battalion here and one of his friends was killed during heavy fire from a Japanese.  The first day of battle here cost 1,298 marines  - 1,148 wounded, 92 killed, 58 missing.  Mr. Tingley contracted malaria during his time in the Pacific.  He also fought at the Battle of Okinawa.  Mr. Tingley received a Letter of Commendation for his service.  He achieved the rank of Private 1st Class.

Frank Tingley at rest camp at Pavuvu near Guadalcanal

Letter of Commendation

Discharge Paper Front

Discharge Paper Back

Signed autograph from General Walt.  Frank Tingley fought with him in the campaign at Aogiri Ridge.  It was later renamed Walt's Ridge.