Richard H. Ward

"My biggest achievement was to do a fairly decent job wherever I went."


Video Interview

Name:  Richard H. Ward
Date of Birth:  6/8/23
Branch of Service:  Army Air Corps
Dates of Service: September, 1942 to 1965
Location of Military Service:  United States

Mr. Ward enlisted in the enlisted reserve while a sophomore at Denison University.  He was sent to Enid, Oklahoma for basic flying school and then to Victoria, Texas.  He went to advanced flying school at Foster Field, Texas where he got his wings.  He was assigned to Childress, Texas as an instructor at the bombadier school there.  He was training cadets at the school, dropping 100-pound bombs called "blue whistles".  After a year of doing that, he became an instructor teaching cadets in twin engine planes.  He was called back to service after the Korean War started and was stationed with the 18th Air Force on the 375th Troop Carrier Wing.  There he was in the Judge Advocates Office where he did a lot of court marshal work.  He also served briefly during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Mr. Ward achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant.