Richard George Wendel


Video Interview
Name:  Richard George Wendel
Date of Birth:  6/18/36
Branch of Service:  U.S. Army
Dates of Service:  1963 to 1969
Location of Military Service:  Vietnam

Mr. Wendell enlisted in the Reserves and was called to duty a the Sharonville Reserve Center in 1968.  He was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood for basic training in a Field Hospital.  He was sent to Vietnam where he worked at the 85th Evacuation Hospital.  They treated prisoners of war there.  The hospitals were primitive by our standards.  They had no diagnostic equipment such as x-rays and such.

MUST unit 22nd surgical hospital

95th Evacuation Hospital

Entrance to emergency room at the 85th
evacuation hospital





Pacification relocation village for Vietnamese

Vietnamese family group





Hospital perimeter of the 95th Evacuation Hospital


A room at the Provincial Hospital at Da Nang

Happy Haven Leprosarium at Da Nang
The man in the forefront is missing fingers and has the
leonine look that is one of the characteristics of the

Destroyed medical school at Hue





Vietnamese nurses.  they carry a parasol to keep their
skin from getting dark as light skin is a prized asset.


ARVN physicians in Da Nang.  Dr. Wendell is
second from the left

AK 47 entrance wound.  It made a very
small hole but left major internal injuries.